How to Choose a Tree Felling Service

How to Choose a Tree Felling Service

There comes a time when a tree outlives its purpose. Perhaps, the continued existence of such a tree could be a recipe for disaster in stormy weather. During such moments, you are faced with the inevitable pain of cutting the tree. Sometimes, doing it all by yourself might seem cheaper and fun.

However, you shouldnt get so excited by this option. Apart from regulations in your province, there are many risks involved when cutting down a tree. That is why contracting the service of a tree felling company is necessary. Below are incredible tips on choosing a tree felling company.

  • Cost Comparison

You may be tempted to hire a cheaper contractor without conducting due diligence to gauge the scope of their operation. In fact, this approach might be costlier than you anticipated, especially if the quality of services is subpar and you end up interfering with your neighbours’ property. The last thing you want is to engage in long legal battles with your neighbours because you trusted a cheaper service provider.

That is why it is necessary to contract the services of a reliable tree felling company with competitive pricing. Your winning point is striking a healthy balance between their prices and services. 

The cheapest offer may not always be the best option. Likewise, you shouldnt be misled by companies charging exorbitant prices above industry standards. The best approach is to conduct a quick price comparison by asking for quotations from different tree felling service providers.

  • Regulatory Certification

There is a reason why governmental agencies and other nongovernmental bodies issue certification to service providers. It is important to check out the laws within your locality. In most provinces, it is illegal to cut down a tree without a safety compliance licence.

Before you think of cutting a tree or contracting tree felling services from a company, you need to do some inquiries to find out whether they are certified by relevant regulatory bodies.

The certification implies that a company offering the services complies with all the minimum requirements and can undertake treefelling services with minimal risks. You should be cautious of companies charging lower prices to make up for the lack of relevant certification.

  • Insurance Cover

You cannot claim insurance for damages to your property or the one nearby when the company does not have a valid and updated cover. Tree felling is a hazardous operation, especially when carried out closer to a residential apartment.

You dont want to deal with the pain and legal battles and compensations because the tree you cut fell on your neighbours property. Contracting the services of a licensed professional is mandatory if an accident or damage occurs to property.

You must perform due diligence in advance about the insurance policy cover and operation licences of your preferred company. Ensure that the company is fully licensed and insured to mitigate against the risks associated with the services they are offering.

  • Reputation

Every service provider has a market niche. Some companies may be good at logging while others specialise in cutting trees in residential locations. So, choose a company that best fits your tree felling needs. Furthermore, you must scrutinise the track record of the company to ascertain their ability to address your needs before signing any agreement.

That is why reputation is a preserve for a few organisations that have a verifiable history of successes and achievements. Look into what previous clients say about a specific tree felling company. You should prioritise the services of a reputable organisation with many years of operation in the industry.


Depending on the location and size of a tree, you’d want to hire a tree felling company that can handle the job perfectly. For safety’s sake, don’t go for “anycompany; the risks involved could be unfathomable.

Assess the treefelling company’s expertise, range of equipment, and history of success. This way, you’ll have the problematic tree cut down with great peace of mind, as you won’t worry about it damaging your property.

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